Ways to Keep Fido Entertained and Fit During the Winter

Ways to Keep Fido Entertained and Fit During the Winter
Source: Wikimedia

Your dog may seem a little restless during the winter months when it is more difficult to be outdoors. Unfortunately, you may come home to your Signature Place apartment to find that he has chewed some paper or, perhaps, one of your shoes. He is not being mischievous, he just needs some exercise. Exercises for your dog during the winter help to keep them active and happy. The following activities can help.

  • Treat your dog to a special day away from your apartment. Find a dog park in your area where she will be able to spend some time running and playing with some new friends.
  • Brave the weather and take your dog out for a quick walk. If there is an accumulation of snow, most dogs love to run and jump in it. They will be ready for a nap when you return to your apartment.
  • Play some fun games inside with your dog. You can play hide-and-seek with you as the object to be found. It is fun for your dog and you can help him remember the reason for the “come” command.

Plan exercises for your dog during the winter in our spacious Signature Place Apartments.

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