Visit The Amazing Species Exhibit

Oftentimes, a change in season can make people become introspective or turn their thoughts towards esoteric matters. Such is frequently the case when fall turns to winter. If you find yourself sitting inside Signature Place apartments thinking such thoughts, it may be time to head to the Museum of Prairie Fire. They’re hosting a special traveling exhibit about life from now until January 16th, 2017.

Exhibit access fees are reasonable and the museum is just a quick trip away from Signature Place at Nottingham. As a matter of fact, driving there is likely to take under 15 minutes, even in heavy traffic. Either way, the museum’s exhibit is worth the drive. It’s been touring the nation with rave reviews. People have been especially enamored with the exhibit’s live animals.

Among the world’s smallest, they fit right into the Prairie Fire’s stunning environment. For instance, the Dichroic Glass that makes up the museum’s exterior almost gives off as many stunning colors as Mexican Salamanders. Also known as axolotl, these unusual creatures are masters of regeneration not to mention dual environments. Yes, they are perfectly at home underwater as well as above land. Unfortunately that unique skill set hasn’t stopped them from bordering on extinction.

In addition to them, the exhibit will feature inanimate displays as well. Among them are models of underwater vents, coral reefs, corpse flowers, stuffed bowerbirds and fossilized sawfish. Plus, Signature Place residents will be able to view the museum’s ongoing exhibits as well. These include, but are not limited to the Great Hall’s dinosaurs, science theatre, ALIVE experience and the Discovery Room. Thought-provoking highlights in those areas to look for are exhibits devoted to Barnum Brown and the Western Interior Seaway. They’ll really make you wonder about why some species survive and others do not.

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