Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe at Your Overland Park Apartment

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Keep Fido safe in your Overland Park apartment community by using a shorter leash outdoors.

Living in our pet-friendly community in Overland Park is an amenity that animal lovers appreciate. However, if we are not careful, our pets can destroy property, and disrupt peaceful community that we care about. Here are some easy tips to keep your pet safe outdoors:

  • Never leave your dog unleashed while outdoors unless otherwise specified (i.e. an off-leash dog park). Even if your dog will not attack or other people or animals, if your pet is not on a leash you will not be able to pull him out of harms way.
  • Use a ¬†short leash in community space. Save your long leashes for a hike on the trail or other outdoors activity, short leashes allow you to maintain optimal control in close quarters.
  • Potty Train your dog. You can avoid accidents by potty training your dog to go indoors. Take it a step further by training your dogs not to use the walkway, stairs or steps as their personal restroom.

If you need help pet-proofing your place, check out the Tails R Waggin training facility or the Petland pet store to get started!

How do you keep your apartment pet proof? Share your tips with other members of the community on our Signature Place Facebook page!

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