Spring Decorating Tips for the Signature Place Patio

Spring Decorating Tips for the Signature Place Patio
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Decorating for the spring season is a great way to freshen up the vibe of your Signature Place patio. To help you get started, we have put together several decorating ideas that are fitting of the spring season.

  • Decorate With Nature: Use succulent plants, evergreen, and potted flowers to bring a bit of nature to your patio. Go with a natural palette for your furniture, such as green, brown, and grey. If you are looking to create more privacy, go with larger flowers and plants.
  • Intimate Look: Use a futon and beach or lounge chairs to give your patio a small and intimate look. Go with cushions in bright colors, such as white, pink, and orange. Be sure to place several throw pillows on the futon.
  • Keep It Simple: Use a small table and two chairs to save space while creating a place to enjoy your brunch. Keep the it simple, with a potted plant as your centerpiece and bright cushions on the chairs.

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