Save Living Room Space With Corner Shelving Units

Photo: The Old Painted Cottage via Houzz

At the Overland Park apartments of Signature Place, the residents enjoy many useful amenities both in their individual apartment and in the community as a whole. Conveniently located in the Nottingham area, Signature Place is a friendly community with pleasantly designed homes for the discerning tenant. As part of your design plan, consider using the blank space of your apartment’s corner areas for decorative storage.

By adding corner shelving you provide yourself an out of the way space to store your favorite knick knacks or plants, or perhaps some old magazines you don’t want to throw away or a collection of library quality books. The corner shelving keeps these items accessible while out of the way during your busy daily schedule.

For maximum use of the space, try floor to ceiling shelving. Shorter wall mounted shelves leave the floor open to store larger items or add a sense of space to the room. Decorative shelving can be a pleasant item to view in and of itself, along with proper placement of items on it.

Continue reading the blog for more tips about decorating your apartment along. Be sure to contact us for more information about living at Signature Place Apartments.

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