Pet Safety at the Signature Place Dog Park

Pet Safety at the Signature Place Dog Park
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For dogs, the time spent outside and away from home is a big treat that they always enjoy. Our pet-friendly Overland Park apartment community features a dog park, so your pup can enjoy the outdoors and meet some new friends. Here are some tips for proper etiquette at the dog park.

  • Supervise: You should never leave your dog at the park unattended, especially if there are other dogs around. You never know how two dogs may interact with each other, so it’s important that you are able to interject if things get too rough.
  • Clean up: Cleaning up after your dog goes number two is mandatory. Keeping the dog park clean helps to make it a more pleasant environment for the other dog owners.
  • Age limit: An age limit for a dog park? Yes, it’s true. Dogs that are less than four months old generally aren’t mature enough to handle interacting with other dogs, so you shouldn’t bring them to the dog park until they are able to handle being around other dogs.

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