Overland Park Gets a Lesson from School of Rock

Overland Park Gets a Lesson from School of Rock
Source: School of Rock Overland Park

You’re never too young to join a band if the School of Rock in Overland Park has anything to say about it. This is where kids unwind and learn what it takes to play an instrument, jam, and be a rock star.

With a mission to “inspire kids to rock on stage and in life”, the School of Rock offers several options that will have youngsters well on their way to playing the guitar, bass, keyboards, drums or showing off those vocals. The Rock 101 program begins with the basics and touches on technique, theory, and the dynamics of playing in a group.  Kids who are a little further along have the Performance Program focusing on harmony, musicianship, and what it takes to perform in a live rock concert environment. It’s like the world’s best live jukebox with talented kids playing everything from Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin, Queen and other legendary performers.

Are you going to see what all the buzz is about at the School of Rock in Overland Park? If you’re interested in learning about other things to do in the area, or if you’re thinking about moving, contact Signature Place Apartments today for additional information.

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