How to Preserve the Valentine’s Roses from Your Sweetheart in Overland Park

Now that your Valentine’s roses are starting to wilt, you might be thinking of tossing them out. You don’t have to get rid of them though. Preserving flowers just involves some simple steps and a trip to a craft store near our luxury community in Overland Park.

red rose
Use these tips to preserve your flowers.

Follow these tips for preserving a bouquet to turn yours into a lovely decoration:

  • Fill a plastic container with silica gel.
  • Cut your stems half an inch below the flower.
  • Put wire in the bottom of your flowers and bend it up. Put silica gel inside the flowers, and place them upright in the container.
  • Completely cover your flowers with silica gel, and close the container. Leave them in it for two weeks.
  • Take the flowers out, and use wire to attach them to a green “stem” or base. Put the flowers in a main base made from preserved moss.
  • Put the bouquet in a display case, such as a shadow box.

Stop by a Michaels in Overland Park to pick up some silica gel.

Where are your favorite places to go for craft supplies near our luxury community in Overland Park? Visit the Signature Place Apartments Facebook page and let us know!

Photo via flickr

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