Green Up Your Daily Travel with These Tips

Green Up Your Daily Travel with These Tips
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Living a green lifestyle means changing up a few aspects of your life, such as making your daily commute a bit greener. The next time you travel from your Signature Place Apartment, consider using the following tips for making your daily travel green.

  • Public Transportation: You can use up less gas and money by taking public transportation, whether it be the bus, train or subway. Public transportation runs often, and can take you to your destination in no time.
  • Ride Your Bicycle: If your destination is close enough to the apartment, consider riding your bicycle. This carbon-free method of transportation is great for the environment and your wallet. Bicycle riding is also great exercise!
  • Carpool With Others: Whether you are carpooling for a family trip or carpooling with co-workers, this is a great way to use up less gas and reduce air pollution. Everyone can share the vehicle expenses, therefore saving the entire carpool a bit of money.

How do you plan on making your daily travel green? Send your answers to our Signature Place Apartments Twitter account.

We always encourage green living in our community, and you can learn more about our community by contacting our leasing office today.

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