Get Out & Romp with the Dog at the Signature Place Bark Park

Source: Pixabay

You will find plenty of great features and amenities at our Overland Park apartments, but one you’ll be able to enjoy with your pooch is our Signature Place Bark Park. It’s the perfect spot for spending time outdoors with your furry companion, where both of you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and maybe get a little exercise, too!

If you are looking for ideas for games you can play with your dog while you are both enjoying the bark park, here are a few ideas. Grab a short length of thick rope and play tug-of-war with your pooch, or bring along a frisbee and let your dog show off his or her high-flying skills. You can also play “hide the object” with your dog. Stash their favorite toy somewhere in the park, and let them find it. You can fall back on the good old stand-by, Fetch!

Do you have some ideas for fun games or activities to play with your dog at our Signature Place bark park? Share them with your neighbors! Find out more about becoming a resident of our Overland Park apartments when you contact us today.

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