Get Back to Sleep Naturally After a Busy Holiday Season

Get Back to Sleep Naturally After  a Busy Holiday Season
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The holiday season can be super hectic, why with all that shopping, cooking, not to mention your regular weekday schedule. So if you’re having trouble catching a few ZZZ’s it’s not surprising. The good news is that there are easy, wonderful ways to go to sleep naturally.

Eat a healthy snack. Before going night, night, you might want to nibble on something. Instead of potato chips or cookies, which are loaded with calories and not good for you, opt for food that contains trytophan such as nuts or bananas.

Jump in the shower. Warm water has a calming effect and can soothe tired muscles, and make you more relaxed and sleepy.

Stretch. After getting dressed for bed, doing a few easy stretches is also helpful for unwinding making it more likely to enjoy some shut eye.

Put away the gadgets. About 20 minutes before you plan on hitting the hay, turn off your phone, tablet and laptop so that it does not give off any light and keep you up longer than you need to be.   If you are interested in other ways to enhance everyday living, or if you are thinking about moving, contact Signature Place Apartments for information.

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