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lion at zoo

Just an easy drive from Signature Place is a destination that features world-class exhibits and outstanding programs. We’re talking about the Kansas City Zoo, and it welcomes visitors from around the world. It opened in 1909 with three monkeys, four lions, a wolf, and a handful of other animals.

Now a 202-acre nature sanctuary, the zoo is the most useful and accessible resource in the region for bringing urban and suburban families in touch with diverse habitats, cultures, and animals of the natural world. So, some things to see and do include:


Species Spotlight: Tigers & Cheetahs

(November 25 & 26)

On the fourth Saturday and Sunday of each month, the zoo spotlights an incredible animal species. Right after Thanksgiving, visitors can learn more about tigers and cheetahs through zookeeper chats. They’ll discuss interesting facts, show the animals’ treats and enrichment toys, and answer questions.


Helzberg Penguin Plaza

Another site to see is the fifteen-million-dollar Helzberg Penguin Plaza, which opened in 2013. It’s a favorite among visitors and includes an ice-bridge, tunnels, and pop-up holes. Consequently, it provides entertainment both for the charming animals and the guests. On December 2 and 3, watch as the King and Gentoo penguins waddle from the back of the exhibit outside so guests can enjoy an up-close view.


Orangutan Canopy

Lastly, this exhibit was designed to highlight orangutans’ intelligence and challenge their dexterity. According to the zoo, a grove of flexible yet extremely strong trees, poles, and vines offer exploring, climbing, and resting areas. Visitors view the animals from a canopy-level open-air shelter with a 40-foot long viewing window.


The Kansas City Zoo is one of many attractions near our apartment community. If you would like to see our amenities firsthand, please contact us to schedule a tour.

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