Cool, Tasty Drinks at Scooter’s Cafe in Overland Park

Smoothie Drinks
Source: Scooter’s Cafe – Overland Park

Coffee cafes near Antioch Rd. in Overland Park serve more than just a great cup of joe. Sample some of the tasty drinks at Scooter’s Cafe, and see which ones make your favorites list.

This drive through cafe is the perfect stop for the most energizing, wonderful real fruit smoothies and fruit and ice blenders around. Try the pina-colada or stick with traditional berry flavors. The fruit and ice blenders are a similar flavor with a different preparation.

The purpose smoothies are breakfast in a cup with flavors like Peanut Butter Power, Peachy Tart Blast, and Green Tea Blender. The Scooter’s Legends drinks are equally tasty. Why not go for the Monday morning Red Bull Vertigo Smoothie and start your week off right?

You can pair your coffee or specialty drink with a delicious pastry. They serve up a variety of muffins, cookies, scones, cakes, and breads. Much of their menu is seasonal. They also have a limited offering for breakfast foods, like breakfast burritos or oatmeal with dried fruit.

The cafe is located at College and Quivira, an eight-minute drive from Signature Place Apartment. Contact us for information about our apartment community.

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