Best 3 March Madness Tips to Help Your Bracket at Signature Place apartments

The NCAA Basketball season is winding down, but March Madness will soon be revving up. With the month of March comes all of those wild finishes, buzzer beaters, triple overtime shootouts that keep us all grimacing over our brackets. While nobody has all of the answers, there are a few common sense tips for helping you maximize your bracket points at Signature Place apartments:

Enjoy March Madness at your Signature Place apartment
Enjoy March Madness at your Signature Place apartment
  • Don’t go wild: While it is fun to make that pick that comes through for the wild upset, never go with a pick for the Final Four that is too low. They do happen, but most of the time, the 1 or 2 seed makes it out of the bracket. And picking Final Four teams are worth far more points than that first round upset.
  • Upsets: Reasonable upsets are fun to pick for the first round, but make sure that you pick against a good seed that limped into the tournament.
  • The long run: Most brackets lose because they picked a team to go out far too early. Stick with good teams as long as possible.

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Photo courtesy of joey.parsons

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