4 Places in Overland Park to Recycle Your Holiday Tree

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Go Green in 2013! Start by recycling your holiday tree at one of these Overland Park locations…

Once the holidays are over, you will be looking to get rid of some of the more festive shrubbery you put up in the midwinter rush. Our downtown apartments in Overland Park provide a green community that strives to establish sustainable living patterns year round. Here is a list of places in Kansas City to recycle your tree, so your evergreen disposal will keep you living green in Overland Park.

Your tree can be used for mulch and other life sustaining purposes this year, rather than letting it rot and decay in a landfill. From December 26 – January 6, bring your bare tree with no tinsel, lights, ornaments, or stands to one of the following locations, and do your part to sustain our city parks. The ecological benefit of your friends and neighbors will be appreciated.

  • Young’s Park at 7701 Antioch
  • Indian Creek Rec Center at 10308 Marty (West of Metcalf)
  • Quivira Park at 11901 Quivira
  • Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, 8909 W. 179th Street

What else will you do to be green in 2013? Share your ideas and more by leaving a comment on this blog, or drop us a line on the Signature Place Facebook page.

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