4 Essential Components for a Spring Party at Signature Place

Source: Morguefile

Spring is a time to celebrate, and what better way to have fun than to hold a Spring party, whether it’s in your apartment near Kansas City or in our community club house?

Successful parties usually need a little planning, and here’s what to do:

  • How many guests? You want your room to be full of chatty people, but you don’t want them to be too squashed. Party hosts reckon that for a casual plates-on-laps party you should allow about 15 square feet per person and for a dance party you need to allocate between 5 to 8 square feet per guest.
  • Move the furniture. A good party has a place for the bar, another for dancing, and a third for food. Even if your apartment is not huge, you can utilize the open-plan kitchen and balcony space, and move furniture around to demarcate areas.
  • Dim the lights. When the party begins, have your lights relatively bright and, as time progresses, turn off some lights or use candles for a romantic touch.
  • Go with the flow. Keep guests interacting by introducing newcomers, making sure refreshments are accessible, and chatting to all your guests.

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